This is the “Blog” portion of our site and here we talk about not only the main thing we are all about – Interserver and their coupons and deal, but also about other webhosting companies, internet marketing in general, how to make money online, coupons and discount on other products we find useful and more.

Basically here we talk about whatever is on our minds – being tech related or online marketing related we put it all in here. Naturally we know that most people are visiting our site for the promo code and this portion won’t get much attention ( but it should, we work so hard to get it assembled:) ) but we decided on having it. The reasoning behind is simple – making money online is a complex thing and having a great webhosting like Interserver is just the very beginning! If you strive to be successful you need to know a whole lot of things and be able to present them to your users in different ways. A lot of people like to just read and that’s fine. To have them entertained you need great content and some images. But others want more are in general harder to please. That’s why a good website needs to cater to them too and we have reviews and tips on things like video editing software and audio editing software for example.

We also know that some folks just won’t like Interserver for whatever reasons ( we don’t know exactly what but there will be a few that will not be happy, as in any other situation – you cannot please all) or won’t find the deals posted here generous enough. That’s why for these users we have other webhosting options – please take a look for example at our Arvixe or FatCow reviews and coupons.

There will be other reviews and coupons posted so if you are interested you can bookmark this page and check it regularly. or if you’d like you can subscribe to our email list and get everything we post right in your inbox. We will also post stuff about basic SEO for your current or feature sites, guides and tutorials on media buying and social media and other topics that a webmaster should know about. It will be a pretty mixed bag of posts and hope you find them helpful in your online endeavors. And of course when we see a great deal on anything that could be useful for a webmaster we will post is as well – who doesn’t like learning new things AND saving money? You gotta be crazy and hate discounts ┬áto miss on these so check this page our early and often.

We welcome all of you here and wish you a pleasant “stay” and productive experience.

Best of luck to all your online and offline projects!

P.S. If you are wondering what the heck the image above is – well this is how some of our team members think a modern day, 2017 type blogger looks like:) Please don’t judge ….much.