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Interserver coupon code  for just 1 penny first month plans



“SAVE99” is the best Interserver coupon code we’ve found and at the time of the post this one offers the highest savings. The exact discounts You will get from this special offer:

  • First month hosting for just 1 penny on all plans – that is 99% OFF!
  • 10% OFF on the yearly plans
  • 15% OFF on all 2 year subscriptions
  • 20% OFF on the 3 year subscription plans

Quick but important note: this very website you are on right now is hosted by no other than Interserver (click here to  verify if you’d like)! Did you see how fast it loaded up – under a second, every time, like clockwork?  We don’t just talk good things about Interserver – we use them for all major projects.

Interserver coupon


The promotional pricing applies to all plans – Standard, RS 1-5, WordPress and Window hosting and comes their Price Lock Guarantee and unconditional 30 days money back guarantee. So basically the nice folks at InterServer wants You to try any plan for only 1 cent for 30 days and if You are not satisfied for any reason, just cancel it and get your money back. Simple, ain’t it? Or if You already know the plan You need and want to lock up a subscription for a longer period – use Interserver coupon code SAVE99 and get 10- 20% OFF – of course you will still get the 30 days money back thing and the Price Lock. What is the “Price lock “exactly you might be wondering? Well, it means the price you first sign up is the price you will keep paying for the life of your subscription – they will NOT give You a low introductory price for the first year or whatever billing cycle You are on and than hit You with new, much higher rates. This is not offered by many web hosts and means in brief “No Surprises” when it comes to pricing so you will always know exactly what your expenses on hosting will be.

Interserver coupon code


About Interserver coupon codes and deals

So why exactly What makes them different and standing up from the ever expanding crowd of web hosting providers?
First of all – they have been around for a while, 21 years and counting to be precise. In an industry that sees a lot of companies who doesn’t make it to its first anniversary this shows that what they offer and how they offer it did withstand the test of time. Another thing worth mentioning is that InterServer is an USA based hosting company. They are located in Secaucus, New Jersey and didn’t take the “easy” road of cutting costs and moving to overseas locations. Another thing that helped them make it to 21+ years of offering their products is their technical support. Interserver can be easily reached 24/7 365 days a year either by live chat, email or by phone. Add the great value their plans are as-is, and even better with the interserver coupon we have, and this is a REAL WINNER of a web-hosting company!

Interserver offers hosting packages for any need and budget

  1. Shared web hosting – if you just started blogging or have a small business website with not a lot of traffic this is most like the plan you need. What shared hosting means is that your website is on the same HD with other webmaster’s sites. This type of hosting is the most affordable and with Interserver it will cost you less than $5 a month for as long as you are a customer. Don’t forget to use the Interserver coupon posted above for additional savings!
  2. WordPress hosting – this is a type of shred hosting that emphasize on the most popular CMS out there. WP is a favorite for many folks (us included – this blog is on WordPress) for it’s relative ease to use and the ability to highly customize your websites. Even  a total noob with zero experience building websites can have his/her site up and running in minutes. Just watch a few YouTube videos or read one of the many blogs dedicated on the topic. WordPress can be customized pretty much to infinity – there are literally thousands of theme and plugins which will make your blog super unique and attractive to your readers. The WordPress hosting from Interserver will set you back just $8 a month and it comes with unlimited emails, disk space, FTP accounts, 24/7 support and many more goodies. Have in mind that this is one website only, if you plan on having more than one you should probably get a standard shared plan
  3. Free Hosting for Non-profit organizations! This is a pretty cool feature they have and we were nor really aware of it. We found out about it by mistake when checking the hosting of a few of our favorite charities and it turned out they are all hosted with Interserver! To be eligible for this sweet deal you need to follow 5 easy steps and basically prove that you are a a 503c3 type of organization. The only other requirement is to place a link back at the bottom of your free website that states it is “powered by Interserver” and that’s it. No wonder so many non-profit organizations are hosted with them, it’s a great deal and the support shown by the folks at Interserver should go unnoticed.
  4. Reseller hosting – they are labeling it as Pro Hosting” but in essence it is what every other hosting company will sell you as reseller web hosting. Pro Hosting is a popular choice for developers and industry professionals who run or resell many websites. Easily create a new cPanel login for each customer or website. Separating your sites keeps your websites more secure. When a website has an issue such as exploit, security flaw, or traffic spike your other websites will not be affected. The monthly prices for the Pro Hosting vary and currently start at $19.95 and go all the way up to $69.95 depending on options and features. This is definitely not the cheapest reseller hosting we’ve seen but like most things in life – you get what you pay for and these Pro Plans are worth every penny IMHO. Use the Interserver coupon code offering from above for extra savings!
  5. VPS – the abbreviation “VPS” stands for “Virtual Private Server” and as the name suggests – you will be buying a private server:) Have in mind that this is NOT your own servers per se – this will be a what it’s a called a “dedicated” server (more about them below) – but a slice of a server that is reserved just for you. The main difference between shared hosting and VPS is that here you can not only have websites but also run multiple other things like scripts and softwares. This is your very own slice of the server and you can upload and run pretty much whatever you feel like. Interserver has priced their VPS pretty well and they start at just $6 a month and if you need for space and more power you can easily upgrade or downgrade at any time. They offer Linux VPS, Windows VPS and WordPress VPS and each of these can come in handy if that is what you need for your projects. VPS hosting is what you buy when your website starts to get more popular and outgrows the resources limitations shared hosting has. A properly optimized VPS can handle thousands of visits a day and thousands of active users at the same time. We really haven’t pushed the limits on the shared plan we have but it’s foreseeable to assume that if you have 5 000 users on your site at the same time it will most likely crash. If that happens – time to upgrade to a VPS! This is one of the best “problems” to have right – more traffic:)
  6. Dedicated Servers = speaking of more traffic – this is the web hosting that can handle the most of it! A VPS as we just mentioned is a “slice” of a server. When  you a dedicated server you get the whole thing – your 100% own server! Everything on this piece of technology is yours to manage, customize and use as you desire. Interserver’s dedicated plans come with some pretty cool and useful free extras – free DDOS protection, 100 MB or 1 GB post, 4 hour provisioning, data migration, 10 TB transfer and ZERO setup fees! You can pick from a 2 core all the way up to 24 core system and customize the RAM and the HD space as you need. The cheapest plan at the moment will set you back $50 and the most expensive is .. well you’ll have to contact them to see what it will be.
  7. Colocation – this is something most web hosting companies don’t offer but Interserver does and it’s a popular buy. A Colocation means server that is located at a dedicated facility (in this case at Interserver’s locations) designed with resources which include a secured cage or cabinet, regulated power, dedicated Internet connection, security and support. The colocation from inter Server comes with roof rights, 24/7 supports and generator and UPS backups. Colocation plans start from $99 a month for a single server and go up to $1500 if you need to get a whole closed cabinet.

Interserver promotions

Interserver Promos

As you can see the folks at are  pretty much covering all types of needs you might have. They offer plans for websites small and big  and offer solutions for any amount of traffic. They have a very solid 99% uptime guarantee and offer over 400 one click install scripts which include WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Pligg, Magento, ZenPhoto, CakePHP, JQuery, RoundCube, ClipBucket, EggBlog and MediaWiki just to name a few of the more popular ones. Their hosting comes with the easy to use and everybody’s favorite Control Panel and they offer unlimited storage, bandwidth and transfers. Have a site with another hosting provider and what to move it over to No problem, Interserver’s helpful staff members will migrate it for you for free! And last but not least they offer affordable domain name registration and you can buy new domain or do a domain transfer for only $1.99! We all know domains can cost $10-20 a piece and this is clearly one of the best deals in this industry. Pro tip: we strive to prove the best available Interserver deals and special offers available but on occasion we miss a deal or two. To stay up to date and make sure you get the max savings it’s a good idea to check Interserver’s Twitter and Facebook page for some flash-deals or the occasional Interserver coupon valid for a specific occasion like Black Friday or Xmas ! They do that sometimes and we try to keep track of them but if it’s a 24 hour sale or other super short term promotion we might not have it here in rare cases.


How to use this Interserver coupon


Very easy and straight forward! Go up this page a little to the square box marked “Interserver coupon”, click on it and when redirected to just paste the code at checkout for the max discount! The Interserver coupon code posted is valid and tested at time of publication. we check regularly if it expires and will update it ASAP if a change occur.

In conclusion

This was not really supposed to be a review of InterServer but it sure as hell seems like one right about now:) So in this case let’s summarize and finish up, you probably want to head over to their website and start setting up Your new hosting ( don’t forget to use Interserver coupon code SAVE99 for max savings!). InterServer has been around for many years – way more than most of the other web hosting companies. They are still privately owned and operated and they do all the right things. They offer superb hosting solutions and domain names. You can build your site in minutes with their free site builder and get unlimited hosting with very minimal downtime. Their business lays on the solid foundation of affordable prices, great products and top notch customer support. This is the ultimate recipe for success and it makes Interserver a great choice as partner for Your new or existing websites.

Affiliate Disclosure: As with most websites on the internet this site uses links which are affiliated. This means that if you click on them and make a purchase we will earn a commission. This does not mean that the price you pay will be in way or shape higher! On the contrary – here at InterScoupon we will save You money.